Brown's Medical Imaging

Brown’s Medical Imaging is a nationwide distributor of medical imaging technology. They came to us with the hopes to reinforce existing relationships as well as develop new ones through digital content and advertising. The medical imaging community isn't the largest audience out there, so we knew we'd have to make this memorable. We decided to inject some fun into the equation and the numbers began to speak for themselves.



X-ray Quiz

Engagement is always our aim and we produced a lot of it. We came up with the idea to have a weekly quiz where people get to guess what object we x-rayed. They love it.

Lead Generation


We knew that this would be a tough conversion for us. However, by using data from other countries as well as testing different ad formats and creative designs - something nobody had done before - we were able successfully generate leads just one month into running the campaign.

Sales Support

Product Videos

The testimonial and product videos we've produced have become vital tools in the sales process. All the data indicates seeing the product being used by peers makes purchase decisions easier. Salespeople are sending video links to close sales.