Vanderpool Construction, Inc.

Vanderpool is a pre-construction company located in Indianola, Iowa. They wanted to begin taking more ground in the market. We knew our approach had to be special. We noticed a need for art with some humor in the construction social media world. We began producing content in that vein and the community responded.


Video Ad Campaign

Our first goal is to raise awareness. Through a creative video campaign and effective digital strategy, we’ve grown Vanderpool Construction, Inc.’s accounts far beyond expectations. As one competitor told them, “You can't open your phone without seeing Vanderpool."



In construction, employees are just as valuable as work. It’s a competitive field and Vanderpool wanted us to give them an advantage. So we did. A multi-video ad campaign paired with hiring tools brought in a massive number of applicants considering the smaller market.

Vanderpool SEM.png

Lead Generation

Google SEM

Vanderpool's heavy hauling business is continuing to grow with the assistance of Google search engine marketing. Our ads regularly bring in work from around the country.